Owner and Pilot, Jonathan

Director of OffTheSticks

So how did I become  a drone pilot?

I set up Off The Sticks to help improve my magic production company Project Magic Limited T/A World Magic Shop.  I soon realised there was a need for affordable aerial work for people that wanted that extra step in creative marketing. 

We offer a friendly, professional and personal level of service.  We stick with you taking your project right from the initial concept through to the completed product.

We cover any form of aerial video and aerial photography.

We have very competitive rates and won’t confuse you with the packages we offer.  We take care of everything during and after the project starts.

While on site we are self sufficient and provide all the material needed to capture your video in the quickest and most efficient time.

We try to maintain our product all within house. However on some occasions we do use other editing companies we have built a relationship up with over the years. This helps us deliver a better product for you.

The people we do work with closely are EUROUSC, CAA, Local Air Traffic Control and local emergency services. This ensures we maintain the high levels of safety requirements needed to obtain permissions for aerial work.

Our basic packages can be found under the services we offer, but please contact us to discuss your requirements, we are more than happy to help.

Why Use RPAS'

5 Reasons To Use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS')

Off The Sticks help to provide video using a variety of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) systems.

The application for this type of video is one of the fastest growing industries.  You can use these aerial images and video for a variety of different roles and this is where Off The Sticks can help!

It can be highly useful for commercial marketing and website promotions.  With this you can make some incredible and the most memorable footage for any special event.

Ideas were you can use this service:

Create amazing aerial video or aerial photos at weddings. 

The video can range from fly through video tours  or fly overs of sporting events/venues to capturing a new housing development or large estate properties.  The ability to capture images for 400ft up can be highly beneficial to other industries such as for agricultural use, monitoring the land and helping to plan for better farming.

Saves Time

Instead of using traditional methods to inspect buildings, such as scaffolding, we can be in the air in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective

Capturing aerial shoots only a few years ago was very expensive, with the need to hire a helicopter and crew.

For a fraction of the price we can capture the same footage.

Access To Hard To Reach Places

Some of our systems are small enough to manoeuvre in and out of small spaces.

So capturing your vision from any angle is not a problem.

Contributes To A Safe Work Place

Sending one of our systems up to inspect a hazardous area is a lot safer than risking the lives of employees.

Capture Everything From A Different Perspective

Viewing the world and your memories from these amazing perspectives creates stunning video.

So why choose OffTheSticks?

what we are good at...
Customer Satisfaction
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