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We offer custom packages depending on your needs*

Basic Aerial Starting From

Ideal to get shots for your existing projects
  • Phantom 2
  • Un-edited Raw Footage
  • 12MP Photos

Multirotor 4k Video

High Definition 4k Aerial Video
  • 4k Aerial Video
  • 12MP Photos
  • Live HD feed
  • Suitable for indoor work

Cinematic Aerial

to capture that cinematic feel
  • S1000+ with Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • 1080p Footage
  • Raw 4k Video

Drone Photography

*Half day
Great for inspection photos
  • 12MP Photos
  • Live Preview
  • Fast and Efficient

Phone support

Off The Sticks is available to help answer any questions as quickly as possible.

The only reason we can’t answer our phones is our team are either flying or we are asleep

Super fast responses

Safety is paramount. However we will try and fast track any paperwork or clearance with local Air Traffic Control where possible. We aim to get to you at the first available opportunity and capture your aerial video as safely and as quickly as possible.

Find any location

We will travel to any location and drive as close to our take off area as psychically possible. We also fly multiple sized aircrafts, which allows us to get to almost any location from the air.

Your aerial film, aerial video or aerial photos really have no locational limits.



CAA Approval

The CAA have granted Off The Sticks with Permissions For Aerial work. This means we have to obey strict guidelines in the UK airspace. We check all safety restrictions and gain the relevant permissions regarding airspace, land owners permissions and the asses the full feasibility of the project.

Flight plans

We will discuss the type of aerial shots you are looking for and discuss any procedures we might ask you to follow.

We will then plan the flight and make sure you are fully aware of the route and type of operation on the day of the shot.

Health and Safety

Off The Sticks has to abide by our companies operation manual, a document which has to be approved by the CAA before they can issue permissions.
This has strict health and safety procedures to help prevent any incidents and also helps to minimise any issues if they do arise.
We take safety very seriously and we will stop a flight if we feel you or the public are at any risk.


Full public liability insurance

RAW Footage

A copy of all raw footage

More Details About The Packages

This is the most common package for people looking to add additional footage to their existing projects. We will use our Phantom 2. with Go Pro and get the aerial video to suit your needs.

This is an ideal way to grab some extra video that wasn’t accessible before to add to your company video or promotion material.

You will received the RAW footage so you are able to change or edit this to your own specification.

We do offer additional editing services if required.
4k gives you amazing detail and this package it great for those wanting footage where you might need to crop a shot after it has been filmed such as action videos or large landscapes. We will use our Phantom 3 Professional. which is easily able to fly indoors if you are looking for those continuing shots..

You will received the RAW footage so you are able to change or edit this to your own specification. This can be shot in 1080p or 4k.

We do offer additional editing services if required.
This is the ideal for weddings and short videos.

This uses our advanced aircraft the S1000+ along with a combination of ground cameras to capture your aerial shots in 1080p footage, using our Black Magic Pocket Camera.

So if you want your video to be captured with a cinematic feel then this package is perfect to capture those shots on your special day or at your special event.

We will include additional footage taken with the Phantom 3 Professional.if you require 4K video.
Perfect if you are looking for some promotion photos for your business, land or property.

Ideal for site inspections, building/roof inspections alike. We are able to take details images allowing you to inspect assets within seconds of taking these photos. This is very efficient for clients that would otherwise need to obtain scaffolds, closed sites or use other means to obtain these images.

* Price on application base on your needs.  Travel expenses are added with an additional charge of £0.20 per mile to cover travel expenses. Overnight travel expenses to be discussed if this is needed